Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Blown away so far

I want to thank Jenna and Jim for some great music. I don't have too much to expand on the great insight from the other posts, but I do want to touch on a point from one of the posts, narrative. Since I've gotten these CDs I've been thinking intently on my contribution to the club and i was curious if either contributer would like to share their process with us. Did you pick songs along a theme? Were they certain songs you felt people had to hear to know your musical taste? Or did you want to expose people to music they normally would not hear? For me, both contributors have really expanded my music universe and my wife and I listen to the CDs over and over. Thanks again all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Viva Calexico!

I have listened to this mix obsessively since receiving it earlier in the week. I love getting new music and feeling the excitement of knowing I will discover something great. I had heard of Calexico in name only but found myself going back to the credits over and over only to discover thats what I liked. I think I will obsess on them for a while. Overall I really got into the latin flavor and was happy to find more than one brazilian track. Jorge Ben has been a long standing favorite with me.



"Not Too Blue To Fly" Flies into the Holidays

Thanks to Jim for putting together the November mix - and for adding that excellent poem from Gwendolyn Brooks. I really enjoyed the mix - had to drive to upstate New York last weekend and it was the perfect thing for the ride through the last days of autumn. I love Taj Mahal - I never heard his collaboration with the African singer - and that sounded like kora accompaniment - beautiful. The Laurie Anderson piece surprisingly straightforward and compelling for her. I have been looking at the playlists from other clubs, have been seeing Calexico come up a lot - so I am not surprised to see them doubly represented here. Rolling the credits with Tito Puente's take on the Simpsons also a nice surprise -hadn't heard that one before, but he somehow made it make sense. Thanks, Jim, and Happy Thanksgiving to the Owls.

Monday, November 14, 2005


"Not Too Blue To Fly" Owls' November Mix CD

Everyone should receive their November Mix CD this week. The CD is titled, "Not Too Blue To Fly." Here is the track listing:

1. "Our Time" Imperial Teen
2. "Alone Again Or" Calexico
3. "The Littlest Birds" The Be Good Tanyas
4. "Berekere" Geraldo Azevedo
5. "Perpetuum Mobile" The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
6. "Look For Me (I'll Be Around)" Neko Case
7. "Aguas de Marco (Waters of March)" Rosa Passos
8. "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend" Her Space Holiday
9. "Queen Bee" Taj Mahal, Toumani Diabate
10. "Shiver" Giant Sand
11. "Long Hot Night" John Coinman
12. "Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)" Jobim, Gilberto, Getz
13. "Je Voudrais Me Rappeler" ABBC
14. "Abantwana Basethempeleni" Ladysmith Black Mambazo
15. "For a Large and Changing Room" Laurie Anderson
16. "Si Tu Disais" Calexico
17. "O Namorado Da Viuva" Jorge Ben
18. "Crystal Frontier [Widescreen Version]" Calexico
19. "The El Burro Song" Los Super Seven
20. "On Fire" Tropijazz All-Stars
21. "The Simpson End Credits Theme [Afro-Cuban Version]" Tito Puente and His Latin Ensemble

I had a lot of fun putting this CD together and I hope that you enjoy listening to it. I also look forward to your opinions (good and bad) and the chance to answer any questions.


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