Tuesday, July 18, 2006


JULY OWLS released!

July Mix by Gabriel Romeu

1. The Magic Band, My Human Gets me Blues
2. Outkast, Gasoline Dreams
3. Solex, Have you no Shame, Girl?
4. Terranova/Tricky, Bombing Bastards
5. Marianne Faithfull/PJ Harvey, No Child of Mine
6. Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah, The Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth
7. Mumm, Now There's That Fear Again
8. The Chills, Familiarity Breeds Contempt
9. Wolf Parade, I'll Believe in Anything
10. Cat Power, Maybe Not
11. Sigur Ros, Syndir Guos
12. Galaxie 500, Ceremony
13. Marvin Pontiac, Little Fly
14. Cowboy Junkies, Run for your Life
15. Tom Verlaine, New
16. APSCI, Pep Rally
17. The Gun Club, Black Hole

These are sequenced in the same position as they occurred on the original cd recording , each track picked from the enclosed lists. These were compiled on the road , noting the numbered track on the player, assessed, and if chosen, listed by performer and title of the cd recording that was the resource.
Repetition of performer from either my lists or previously issued Owl 2006-7 music compilations were not considered for inclusion on the final selection. I did not resource my vinyl or mp3 collections.
I listed the song titles during each download.

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