Tuesday, November 22, 2005


"Not Too Blue To Fly" Flies into the Holidays

Thanks to Jim for putting together the November mix - and for adding that excellent poem from Gwendolyn Brooks. I really enjoyed the mix - had to drive to upstate New York last weekend and it was the perfect thing for the ride through the last days of autumn. I love Taj Mahal - I never heard his collaboration with the African singer - and that sounded like kora accompaniment - beautiful. The Laurie Anderson piece surprisingly straightforward and compelling for her. I have been looking at the playlists from other clubs, have been seeing Calexico come up a lot - so I am not surprised to see them doubly represented here. Rolling the credits with Tito Puente's take on the Simpsons also a nice surprise -hadn't heard that one before, but he somehow made it make sense. Thanks, Jim, and Happy Thanksgiving to the Owls.

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