Sunday, November 26, 2006


Jim Saling Starts Owls Year Two

Thanks, Jim, for your second November disk -

You're Getting to be a Habit With Me" - Diana Krall
Fever - Elvis Presley
I Never Cared For You - Willie Nelson
Look For Me (I'll Be Around) - Neko Case
Source - Howe Gelb
It Was Up In the Mountains - Laurie Anderson
The Man Who Danced Too Slowly - Baka Beyond
Dreams Be Dreams - Jack Johnson
Until The End of the World - U2
Jenny & the Ess-Dog - Stephen Malkmus
Somebody to Pick Up the Pieces - Willie Nelson
Romeo and Juliet - The Indigo Girls
Black-Eyed Man - Cowboy Junkies
Grown So Ugly - The Black Keys
Clark Gable - The Postal Service
The Warming Sun - Grandaddy
Blue-Collar Suicide - Refreshments
Thought I Knew You - Matthew Sweet
Break Your Heart - Barenaked Ladies
Daffodil Lament - The Cranberries

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