Saturday, September 23, 2006


still looking - September Owls - Sundance Banks

Come Back Baby - The Slackers
Oh Mandy - The Spinto Band
Can't Explain - The Spells
Redbird - Redbird
Inflammatory Writ - Joanna Newsom
Family Affair - Sly and the Family Stone
Anytime - My Morning Jacket
Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away - Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah
But Now I Know - Smoosh
Goddamn Lonely Love - Drive-by Truckers
California Stars - Billy Bragg and Wilco
Perfect World - Liz Phair
Moses - Patty Griffin
Row, Row, Row Your Boat - Schoolchildren of Wanseko, Uganda
Robin Hood and Little John - Roger Miller
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Eddie Vedder
Don't Have to be So Sad - Yo La Tengo
Human Behavior (Live) - Bjork
Little Babies - Sleater-Kinney
The Little Cowboy - Erin McKeown
Dreamer in My Dreams - Wilco

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