Monday, October 17, 2005


Owls October Mix "Going Places" Released

Thanks to Jenna for launching the Owls in style. An excellent mix - I already have had a dream with the Stevie Wonder cut in it. Always love that Johnny Cash flood tune - his biopic is due to be released on November 18 with Joaquin Pheonix playing the Man in Black. Nice Brazilian flavor in here, too. One question, Jenna - what is the story behind "Where's Amila?"

The inaugural Owls mix includes:
"Where's Amila" Amy Borkowsky
"Picture Book" Bill Lloyd and Tommy Womack
"Can I Get a Witness" Marvin Gaye
"If I Let It (Go By)" Gloria Deluxe
"Israelites" Desmond Dekker and the Aces
"Don't Worry About a Thing" Stevie Wonder
"Think" Aretha Franklin
"Five Feet High and Rising" Johnny Cash
"Marrakesh Express" Crosby, Stills and Nash
"Black Crow" Jonie Mitchell
"You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome" Bob Dylan
"Dreams Be Dreams" Jack Johnson
"Sina" Gilberto Gil
"Jura" Zeca Pagodinho
"Big Sky" Matthew Sweet
"Wade In the Water" Eva Cassidy
"St. Exuberant" Paris Combo
"Sailing to Philadelphia" Mark Knopfler
"Boas Vinda" Caetano Veloso
"Blue Skies" Eva Cassidy
"One For My Baby" Ella Fitzgerald
"I Can't Wait To Get Off Work" Tom Waits

"where's amila" is from amys answering machine cd which reminds me a lot of my mother. It was a little long but it was the best track. I liked the way it flowed into picture book. I was going to do a loose "family dynamics" based cd but got sidetracked as I always do. I hope you all liked the mix. It was a lot harder to arrange than I had expected in terms of the editing, flow, etc... lots of tweaking and laboring over what works vs. what I like.
As the first person to make a cd I can advise you to leave plenty of time. It definitely took longer than I expected. This was my first cd mix ever and I had a lot of fun making it.


I loved the CD (so far) but I didn't get half the tracks. It seemed my CD was a "bad burn." Anyway I can get a more readable copy?
Thanks for the mix, Jenna.
I listened to it with my friend Juan Carlos, an exchange student from Mexico who is living with my family this year (I'm a Senior in high school.) We cooked waffles, sausage and steak and enjoyed "Going Places." Juan had never heard Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell or any of the other classics on the CD. It was a good introduction for him. I too enjoyed the "Where's Amila" sketch. I heard it first on This American Life I while back. I still wonder if some of them are for real.
Anyway, that's all for now. I may have more detailed reflec tions when I listen to it again. Otherwise I look forward to reading what other people think, or what they were doing while listening to the same mix all across the US. I'll keep checking my mailbox until next month.

-Will B.
Minneapolis, MN
I really liked your cd, Jenna. It's got spunk (even the slow songs). My favorite track is Gloria Deluxe track. Really excellent....
"Where's amila" sounded very much like my mother, too. Great addition to the mix.

And I am so happy to finally have a recording of Eva Cassidy's Wade in the Water.

Thanks Jenna!

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