Monday, October 24, 2005


Nice job...tough act to follow

I've really enjoyed listening to Jenna's CD. Like Gabriel, I don't have any of these songs in my collection (though I have songs from many of the artists) and now I don't know why. Nice job.

My CD is due to everyone in November. My wedding was this last weekend but I managed to squeeze in some work on the CD during the last frantic days before the wedding. I have more work to do but it has been really fun to think about how you will hear these songs and frustrating trying to fit everything I want onto one CD. And now with Jenna's CD in your hands, I have to focus on a high quality mix. I love a challenge...


congratulations on your wedding Jim, looks like you have your priorities straight in continuing the work on the cd.
Yes, the process is fascinating. I am interested in seeing if my choices evolve/shift upon reciept of others work.
c ya, gabriel
Jim - congratulations also on your wedding - look forward to hearing your mix.
Hi there, Owls.

Just wanted to drop in and say hello to you all from us all at Gideons 13. We are another CD club brought together by Gideon. We have one CD out already and are eagerly awaiting the November release and we hear that our bonus 13th CD might be arriving any day now too. Please check out our blog, we would love to hear from you.

Gideon, do you know how the other groups are getting along? Maybe you can pass our blog url along to them. It would be great to hear from them also. Maybe you could encourage all the groups to set up blogs?

All the best,
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